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When you install the Computta Smart Miner software for the first time, it will let you start a “benchmark” process – that is evaluating your device’s computing power. This is done in order to estimate how much money your computer system will be able to generate for you. Your main CPU power and your Graphics Card (Video Card) power are both taken into account to calculate your device’s potential.

The amount shown for you after the benchmark completes is an estimation of the maximum amount of money that your computer at its current state will be able to generate per day, per month and per year IF it is power on 24 hours per day.

That is why we show it as  an “up to…” amount.

We cannot and do not guarantee that you will make this amount of money even if you keep your computer on for 24 hours, 7 days a week. However it should be considered a pretty close estimation.

The cryptocurrency difficulty level increases all the time and your computer’s power may not be enough to sustain the current earnings level in 3-4 months from now. So you may want to run the benchmark (computing power estimation) process again in 3-4 months to see your new earnings estimation.

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