What Is mBTC?

Your Computta balance is calculated and stored in Bitcoin (BTC) – the most popular and valuable cryptocurrreency  in the world.  Bitcoin = BTC.

Now you see mBTC in your Computta Smart Miner app’s main screen and in your Computta website account.

mBTC stands for “MilliBitcoin” and is 1/1000th of a Bitcoin. 1mBTC = 0.001BTC

We show your balance in mBTC simply for convenience so your earnings are better represented, since BTC is now quite expensive – balancing around $16000 as of mid-Deember 2017.  So for your own convenience you may consider 1mBTC = $16 (as of mid-December 2017).

Our minimum withdrawal limit is only 10mBTC and that equals to 0.01BTC.


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