How To Withdraw My Earnings?

After you register as Computta member, download  and install Computta Smart miner app and generate enough money, it is very easy to withdraw your earnings at any time.

Remember, your earnings are generated, converted and stored in Bitcoin – THE most popular and reliable cryptocurrency in the world. For your convenience (so you don’t have to count digits after comma) we calculate and show all your earnings in Milli Bitcoin (mBTC) which is 1/1000 of a Bitcoin.

We also have a minimum required amount for withdrawal currently of only 3 mBTC . So when your Current Balance reaches this amount, you will be able to move the funds to your Wallet by clicking the green “Send to Wallet” button below. From the Wallet you can request payouts of any available amount to your BTC address or do a mobile phone top up.

Until you reach the above minimum, your payments request function is not activated.

Before being able to withdraw as a BTC transfer, you need to provide your Bitcoin address, where we can send your earned Bitcoins.

Here are the steps to get it and provide to us (only in case you don’t have it already):

  1. Go to Blockchain.Info and register for a free Bitcoin wallet (or google “free bitcoin wallet” )
  2. You will get an email with your Bitcoin wallet id, save it for future use
  3. Login into with your Wallet ID and password
    – go to Settings -> Addresses
    – Click Manage -> +Add New Address
    – then you will get a Bitcoin address that looks like this:


  1. Login into your Members Account
  2. Click on Profile => Payments Settings
  3. Enter your bitcoin address from Step 3 above and click Save. Make sure you enter all of it!!!
    (But don’t worry, even if you make a mistake it will not validate properly and the money can NOT be sent out to an incorrect address)

Here are the steps to withdraw your earnings:

BEFORE you can withdraw you must move your funds from your Current Balance to your Computta Wallet. For this just login into your Members Area, go to Payments tab and click on the green button “Send to Wallet”. It will send your funds to the Wallet and you will immediately see them in the Wallet tab below the Current Balance tab there. Now you can proceed to request a payout.

BTC Transfer

  1. Login into your Members Account (if you are not logged in yet)
  2. Click on Payments tab in the navigation and scroll a bit down the page.
  3. In the form there choose between Bitcoin Transfer and Mobile Top Up, enter an amount you want and click Pay Me.
  4. We will then send you a verification email asking to confirm your payment details. You will need to click a link in that email confirming that you indeed request a payment with all the correct details.
  5. Your payout request will be processed within 24 hours after verification by you thru an email link and usually* you will receive your funds within 48 hours after that. *But if there is increased activity, volatility and big drops or increases of exchange rates and fees on the Bitcoin network, payouts may take longer to process – up to 10 days. In this case it’s better to withdraw in smaller amounts of 2-3mBTC, they are processed faster. We will notify you too in such cases.

Mobile Top Up

  1. For mobile top up you just need to enter you mobile phone number with your country code, click Enter and we will try to detect your local mobile provider. You will have to check if we detected the right one!
  2. Then just enter the amount in mBTC you want to get and you will see how much in your local currency will be sent.
  3. Click “Top Up” and this amount will be sent to your mobile balance within 24-48 hours. You will also need to confirm this transaction thru the link in the verification email.

That’s all! After you go thru it once, it will be a 30 sec process to request your earnings next time.

And remember that we have a unique 5-Tier Affiliate Program which you are enrolled in automatically. You can grab your link and refer new members under you. And you will get commissions from their own monthly earnings on 5 tiers deep. This can easily 50X your passive monthly earnings, click to learn more now!

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