What is Computta Wallet?

With the release of Members Portal 2.0 we have introduced a new feature – Computta Wallet.

Previously all your earned mBTC were stored right in your Current Balance and you could request a payout directly from there, but only the complete amount of all funds. E.g. if you had 6.5mBTC in your Current Balance, you can only request 6.5mBTC to be paid to you.

Computta Wallet is like your Spending Balance.

Now the earnings are still accumulated in your Current Balance, but you cannot spend them directly. Your spending balance is now separate and called Computta Wallet or just Wallet. After you reach the current required minimum of 3mBTC you can move all your funds to your Wallet with one click. From the Wallet you can choose ANY amount (limited by your total amount in the Wallet of course) to spend in one of the available ways – direct BTC transfer or mobile phone top up.

So to get a payment from Computta you now need to:

  1. Click to move funds to the Wallet
  2. Choose your payout method (direct BTC transfer or mobile top up)
  3. Enter your desired amount from the amount in the Wallet
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