Computta Web Portal 2.0 Release


We have completed upgrading the Computta Members Portal to version 2.0!

All changes are now final and immediately available right in your Members Area.

The first thing you will notice is a new design of the Overview section in the Members Area. Hopefully it will bring some clarity to your most important stats at a glance.

But there is much more happening under the hood.

1. With this release we have introduced a new feature – Computta Wallet.

Previously all your earned mBTC were stored right in your Current Balance and you could request a payout directly from there, but only the complete amount of all funds.

Now the earnings are still accumulated in your Current Balance, but you cannot spend them directly. Your spending balance is now separate and called Computta Wallet or just the Wallet. After you reach the required minimum of 3mBTC you can move all your funds to your Wallet with one click. From there you can choose ANY amount to spend in one of the available ways.

2. You can now choose to spend ANY amount up to your full amount in the Wallet. This was a requested feature by our users and we listened and implemented it for you!

3. A NEW way to get a payout – Mobile Top Up! You can now send some funds directly to your mobile phone balance, how cool is that! About 150 countries available at this time and mobile top up is just a matter of entering your phone number with your country code and adding an amount you want to send yourself. More flexibility on how you can get your earnings!

So here you go, login into your Computta Members Area and check out these new features!

Please note, this is a new release and there might be some pesky bugs that we did not catch during our testing. So if you see something that looks wrong to you, please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket on the helpdesk and let us know with a screenshot. We’ll check and fix it in no time.


Thanks for being with Computta!
-Team Computta

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