Thank You for Signing Up as a Beta-Tester!

We really appreciate your willingness to help us improve Computta!


The first thing to do now: go to your inbox and CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION to this beta-testers notification list IF you have not done so yet. If you don’t confirm, you will not be able to receive testing assignments and new versions of the app.


1. After you confirm your subscription, please keep an eye on your email that you signed up with. It will be the primary means of communication between us. We will be sending notifications and assignments there. Most likely not more than once a week.

2. To report back on new versions of the app, please use our helpdesk and open a ticket for the Beta-Testing department. Only tickets submitted there will count as valid reports and will add to your good karma. All communication about testing will be thru helpdesk tickets in that department.

3. As soon as a new version comes out of the development and needs final beta-testing, all members of our beta-testing program will receive a notification by email. You will be provided a special link with limited download and sharing and special instructions for this testing round. You will complete the install and testing and submit a simple report via our helpdesk. There will be a limited time frame to do the testing and submit reports. Only reports submitted within the timeframe will be accepted.

4. Testers who do not submit reports or submit very poor reports will be gradually removed from this beta-testers notification list and will no longer receive testing assignments.

Our developers will review all reports and will make changes to the app if needed. Users will get a better experience and profitability. You get better karma. We will be eternally grateful to you. Everyone’s happy!

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