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We are looking for beta-testers to help us improve the app!


We are looking for 200 passionate and responsible folks to help us with testing and improving our app.

If you would like to help improve the Computta app and are willing to do simple testing of new app versions and report back on features and bugs, then you are most welcome!


  • Computta member with the current version of the app installed and working
  • at least 1 hour per week spare time to download, install, test  and report back on new versions
  • you are a responsible and responsive person
  • passionate about cryptocurrency and Computta service
  • be able to communicate in written English (so we can understand you)

What You Will Do:

  • check your designated email about new version releases and test requirements
  • download, install, test  and report back in a timely manner
  • be able to communicate on a messenger if needed

What You Will Get:

  • priority access to new versions, tools and services
  • random bonuses to your balance
  • our gratitude and good karma!

Please ONLY signup IF you REALLY  WANT TO HELP!
We do not want folks who signup to “earn something” or just to “check it out”.

If yo think you REALLY can do it on these terms, please fill out the below form to register as a Beta-Tester. Make sure to add your correct priority email address, so we can get in contact with you at any time. You will have to confirm your email address right after signup.

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