07.09.2017 Server Outage for 6 Hours

We had experienced a pretty long main processing server outage for about 6 hours total.

Due to an unexpected new user surge within a very short time our main processing and connections server slowed down to an unresponsive state and didn’t trigger any usual alerts, so our technicians were not notified in time.

We have fixed this as soon as it was noticed. But the overall server outage was up to 6 hours.

No web account services or Computta Smart Miner main functions have been affected.

The outage only affected Smart Miner app and server connectivity. All earnings and commissions have been accumulated by the app and pushed to the server for processing as soon as the connection had been restored.

We have already taken measures to prevent this kind of issues to happen again.

We sincerely apologize to all our users for any trouble or confusion caused!


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